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We believe in the power of globalisation. By forging strategic partnerships with our business partners and suppliers, we not only create powerful and profitable connections based on real world customer insights, but also provide innovative & practical solutions to our ever changing global challenge and environmental impact.


We value all customers with commitment, value-added services and consistently exceed their expectations. We don’t just focus on what they do, but why they do it, and how we can influence them. Get in touch today to find out more about the way we work.


We treasure every relationship with our business partners, which provide effective channels for mutual growth and action. We do this with the perfect blend of ‘strategic-thinking’ and ‘forward-thinking’, thus creating better solutions for our clients.



GSM is Singapore’s leading one-stop solutions contractor and manufacturer of low voltage switch gear and control gear assemblies. Founded in 1988 with total operation premises that exceeded 250,000 sq. feet in Singapore and Malaysia, we offer the full range of integrated services, where we are firmly established in the market as a designer and manufacturer of Control Panels, Low Voltage Switchboards, Motor Control Centre, Power Distribution Units as well as Withdrawal Modules which we have earned an excellent reputation and enviable market position. Till date, we have consistently garnered successful outcomes for clients by introducing great solutions to those who are seeking them.
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GSM focuses on technologies that improve our ability to manufacture products that meet international standards.